The brand VAPOUR BLUE, founded by designer Lanqing Pal ('95) in 2016, already has a large Chinese fanbase. Lanqing's focuses on offering the highest standards of construction and fabric quality. Growing up in a family of clothing manufacturers, he learned the technique of making high-end garments. Most of VAPOUR BLUE's items are adjustable, allowing the subject to create any desired fit. Made to be worn by both genders, most of the items are UNISEX. 

VAPOUR BLUE only works on demand, as designer Lanqing is very involved in the manufacturing process. This adds an additional 3 to 5 business days to your shipping transit time. More info about our shipping times can be found here.

VERSEAS offers a limited curated selection, exclusive for the overseas market. In collaboration with the designer as a platform for international growth. Made to be worn by the free, as told by Lanqing Pal, discover VAPOUR BLUE's studio and flagship store in Chengdu on the highlights of our Instagram page

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