Subtle Textures and Versatility: SIMPLE PROJECT SS24

VERSEAS is kicking off the SS24 season with SIMPLE PROJECT’s SS 2024 collection. This spring and summer, the Hangzhou based brand is back with another batch of versatile creations, offering a range of classic styles with a fresh twist. 

The SS24 collection features items that effortlessly embody simplicity and practicality. The label’s many pinstriped pieces can be worn while lounging around on those sunny spring days. For a ba sic yet eye-catching piece, check out the Woven Structure Shirt. The Darted Wide Cotton Trousers is a lighter version of SIMPLE PROJECT’s popular winter trousers, helping wearers transition into spring.

Make a statement with the organza fabric pieces, which add an ethereal touch to any outfit. SIMPLE PROJECT plays around with the joys of organza fabric in their V Pullover Shirt and Wide Lace Trousers. Organza fabric is a sheer fabric made of silk, and its texture can be used to create tons of volume.

The new range of distressed denim pieces is sure to catch any denim enthusiast’s eye, whether it’s the Vintage Blue Wash Denim or Washed Vintage Jorts. In this collection, SIMPLE PROJECT uses silver denim, whiskering detailing, and vintage washes to create a distressed effect. The adjustable buttons on the Waxed Distressed Denim Skirt allow the wearer to create a slit on the front, making it much more interesting than a regular skirt.

SIMPLE PROJECT has pieces that include accessories, like the double functional tie belt and center bar buckle belt, which come with the Wide Embossed Suit Trousers and Wide Pleated Stretch Trousers. Even though these trousers are drapey and relaxed, the suit material, pleated designs, and fabric belts offer an easy way to pull a look together.

Let's not forget about SIMPLE PROJECT’S first footwear design. The collection includes the vintage-inspired Leather SP Derbies, made with real leather to provide both style and comfort with its thick soles and laceless design.

In true SIMPLE PROJECT fashion, the SS24 collection goes beyond just aesthetics. Designer duo Chen Hang and Wang Yue Feng’s team does in-depth research on craftsmanship and textiles to maximize comfort and wearability. Versatile enough to adapt to various lifestyles, these designs communicate the brand's focus on timeless designs.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless styles of the 80’s and 90’s, they inject a modern twist into otherwise simple creations. The 2024 spring and summer collection takes a dive into subtle textures and layered wearing methods. Using details like woven fabric, spiral cuts, and beaded zippers, SIMPLE PROJECT emphasizes the interaction between fabrics and textures.

So, get ready to reintroduce a fresh perspective to old wardrobes with SIMPLE PROJECT’s SS24 collection. Discover the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality. This collection has something for everyone— fans of classic styles or those on the lookout for something new.

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Article written by Didi Aphra

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