Mars Exploration & Y2K Harajuku Punk in KADAKADA’s new collection

Get ready to turn heads with KADAKADA's new collection. This collection combines eye-catching designs, Y2K Harajuku aesthetics, and a touch of extraterrestrial allure. Whether you gravitate toward simple color palettes or loud patterns, KADAKADA’s universe has it all.


Founded by director-designer Li Aaron, KADAKADA has garnered acclaim for its unconventional designs. Aaron's background in fashion design from Bunka Fashion College in Japan has fueled the label’s garments with the refreshing Y2K Harajuku punk aesthetic. Flashy fabrics, chunky shoes, and butterfly clips are no longer living in the rearview mirrors of our minds. The Y2K aesthetic has been making a comeback for quite some time now. As seen in the label’s latest collection, it’s not going anywhere.

kadakada-blog-aw23-designer-punkSince Harajuku fashion is a mix of many different styles, the new collection reflects just that. One piece is casual, while the next is striking and bold. Yet even when a basic piece may seem understated—like the Distressed Turtleneck—its shoulder slit and removable components say otherwise. In fact, most pieces in this collection are customizable through removable layers.

KADAKADA expands on the Harajuku aesthetic by adopting a Mars Exploration theme. The life-sized print on the Skeleton Extended Sweater invokes a certain extraterrestrial vibe. Every piece in the collection fits into the space exploration world, whether the wearer takes on the role of explorer or alien. 


Just imagine—the wearer can don the Space Ranger jacket to journey across the rocky red planet, or slip the Mars Cloak on and become a voyager of the dune-like plane. Once the Faux Fur Fleece is on, the transformation is complete. Is the wearer still human or not?

The jackets speak for themselves with their extremely cropped cuts, diagonal zippers, and unconventional patchworking. The Vintage Spike Jacket, with its dinosaur spikes, cannot go unmentioned. The same goes for the Saiyan-inspired Martian Down Jacket, which is sure to grab any anime fan’s attention. Another noteworthy Harajuku-inspired piece is the Panel Camo Cargos, which has cute dinosaurs hidden in the camo print. 

kadakada-blog-aw23-designer-punkSlow sips from a glass of mulled wine—that's the essence of the Maillard-inspired pieces in KADAKADA's latest collection. The Mars Rover Jacket, Raw Edge Turtleneck, and Skirt Panel Trousersare perfect for those who prefer neutral tones and an air of quiet luxury. The unique, customizable layers and cuts still provide plenty of personality alongside the burnt amber and taupe hues. 

Thanks to its unisex designs—which is one of the label’s main goals—KADAKADA's collection caters to a wide range of tastes. Even their all-black pieces exude tons of personality without much effort. All it takes is some distressed hems to keep the wearer snug yet stylish. 


This fascinating assortment, inspired by Harajuku aesthetics and the allure of an alien planet, brings together Y2K nostalgia and eccentric silhouettes. So, embrace the out-of-this-world style and let KADAKADA's collection be your guide to fashionable warmth and fun this season.

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Article written by Didi Aphra


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