Conquering the Concrete Jungle

VERSEAS’ second drop of 2024 is IN TERRIS's exclusive Spring/Summer 2024 Collection. This season, IN TERRIS presents a fusion of fashion and functionality.

Going with the theme "FLOW ALONG THE POINT3," IN TERRIS explores the relationship between clothing and physical movement, creating a balance between outdoor clothing and fashion.

IN TERRIS uses holed details and braided ropes to present their idea of outdoor clothing. These additions not only allow more breathability but also add a unique visual appeal to the garments. No matter where the wearer’s adventures take them, they’ll stay cool, comfortable, and in style.

To cater to city dwellers, this collection captures the essence of modern living through the use of geo-elements and branded prints. From geometric shapes to bold logos, these artistic choices infuse the collection with an urban edge. The collection includes utilitarian and baggy looks, along with layered details like the seams on the Oval Knee Wide Leg Trousers and the Dicing Wide Cargos. While many pieces, like the IT Print Structured Windbreaker and IT Flow Trousers, look like they can be worn on a hike in the mountains, they don’t have to be.

The fun part of IN TERRIS’s latest collection is tailoring these baggy silhouettes and sporty pieces to the wearer’s personal style. The climbing-inspired designs reflect IN TERRIS’s nature-inspired brand philosophy. After all, the brand’s name is a Latin phrase that translates to ‘on earth.’

Several of the label’s pieces are designed with a split splicing structure, which not only adds an element of style but also creates freedom of movement. The Dicing Wide Cargos is an example of a piece that is quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant, and offers long-lasting wear.

In their SS 24 collection, IN TERRIS uses plenty of patchwork detailing. Each garment tells a story, weaving together different fabrics and textures to create a one-of-a-kind ensemble. Whether it's mountain prints or matching colors on the Latitude Beanie and Latitude Knee High Socks, this collection celebrates individuality and self-expression.

Crafted with a textured material, the Loose Structure Shorts provide comfort while adding a touch of unconventional style. The innovative three-button design on the waistband makes it easy to adjust and blends in with the overall aesthetic. Don’t miss the uniquely shaped zipper pockets on the sides either, as they are another unconventional detail in this collection.

Whether wearers are exploring the great outdoors or embracing the fast-paced city life, IN TERRIS has delivered a collection that celebrates the merging of outdoor wear and fashion.

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Article written by Didi Aphra

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