Nature’s Abstract Beauty: IN TERRIS AW23

IN TERRIS' 2023 autumn/winter collection takes inspiration from the captivating work of photographer Rory Hamovit, who enjoys blurring the lines between fiction and reality.


Though Hamovit’s photos carry a noir sense of surrealism and eeriness, they are always rooted in the real world—the small, tangible moments of daily life. This season, IN TERRIS zooms in on one major tangible aspect of our lives: mother nature.

Drawing from plants as a reality reference, the collection showcases a range of nature-inspired elements. Leaf-shaped collars, braided ropes that look like intertwining vines, and round ceramic bead add-ons are just a few examples of the details that can be found in the new designs. Plant leaves are featured either as a standalone piece, like the IN TERRIS keychain, or as a unique element, as seen on the leather jacket and overcoat.


The pleats on the bombers were inspired by the structure of turtle leaves, with the center made to look like a branch, adding a layered effect. On the Pleated Aviator Bomber, the braided collar is shaped like a twisting vine. The beads at the end of the collar resemble ceramsite pebbles, which are used instead of soil for potted plants like succulents and cacti. Another piece that visually resembles a type of plant is the Rope Structure Down Vest. The large slits in the vest are akin to the leaves of the monstera plant.


VERSEAS is also happy to offer IN TERRIS’s Spike Leather Loafers along with their latest collection, which is the brand’s very first pair of shoes. The chunky, cleated soles add a modernized touch to the timeless piece.


The IN TERRIS 2023 Autumn/Winter collection takes note of various plant structures, from one intricate detail to the next. The brand brilliantly translates the abstract beauty of nature into fashionable and wearable designs. By integrating botanical elements, such as leaves, branches, and vines, the brand transforms traditional clothing into unique works of art.

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Article written by Didi Aphra


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