Enjoying the Process of Creation with SIMPLE PROJECT's AW23 Collection

SIMPLE PROJECT's AW23 collection is all about putting a twist on simplicity and subtle aesthetics. The new collection gives off a nostalgic feel that is full of personality. The Hangzhou-based brand is all about redefining simplicity through experimentation. Founded in 2016 by designer duo Chen Hang and Wang Yue Feng, the brand's essence lies in making designs that they truly enjoy creating.


VERSEAS is proud to offer an extensive variety of items from SIMPLE PROJECT’s new collection. This includes a range of jackets, soft knitted tops, A-line skirts, and flared pants. Emphasis is placed on the blend of materials, silhouettes, and textures to put a fun spin on the classic minimalist aesthetic.

For a bit of vibrance in the colder seasons, the new collection features subtle pops of color. Think tartan contrast knit designs, vintage discoloring effects, tie-dye lightning washes, burgundies, and violets. Many of the pants in the new collection undergo special treatments to simulate a vintage, distressed look.


There’s a certain sense of nostalgia in these pieces enhanced by the flared, wide-legged silhouette reminiscent of the 70’s. SIMPLE PROJECT’s unique touch can be seen on the Waxed Brush Denim piece. A reflective wax sheen is added to the flared silhouette, making something brand new out of a classic item.


SIMPLE PROJECT focuses on removing complicated details in favor of subtlety. Take the beanie for example. The designer duo accentuates the simple knit pattern with a few uniquely shaped stones, instantly elevating the basic accessory into something more.

It’s the same with their new scarves. By using the spiral weaving technique, the dual-tone scarves present a certain element of liveliness against the usual darker tones of autumn and winter.


Overall, SIMPLE PROJECT's 2023 Autumn/Winter collection is refreshing in its focus on the pure idea of making designs that they like and enjoying the process of creating something new. Perfection is not the end goal. Instead, it’s the enjoyment of the design journey from start to finish.

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Article written by Didi Aphra


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